Our Collaborations


Katcheri.in is a platform which provides information related to the events and other opportunities that are based on law and legal issues to the students. Katcheri.in has been founded by Mr. Sai Vikranth Deshpande in 2019 with an aim to provide all the basic information of recent happenings in the legal fraternity. It also aims for the socio-economic development with a different legal thought process. Katcheri.in is now is a very renowned online platform of legal fraternity.

The Statesmanship Programme

"The Statesmanship Programme" is a great initiative to promote the social issues and accommodating the promotion of social awareness through your Newsletters throughout the globe. It aims to promote the noble cause of social welfare and to promote the same with legal assistance as much as possible. It will be a great pleasure to work with you to promote the public welfare, global peace and other social causes with the help of law and legal assistance.


C.L.A.W. is a leading national online legal content platform. It is a completely student-run initiative aimed exclusively at the law students’ community in India. At C.L.A.W, our vision is to create an authentic space wherein students from across the country can express themselves via articles/opinion pieces and share information related to academia and co-curriculars.


Prolawctor is an informational website developed in 2020. This website provides notes on different
aspects of law, updates on the events, competitions, internships and jobs related to the legal
profession. Constant efforts will be mode to provide the readers with current and high quality information with the help of judgements, articles, blogs and current affairs happening around us
with the utmost responsibility.