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Nirnay lawgistics is an online resource dedicated to content related to laws. With a dedicated team  working day in and out, our aim is to rank it as India’s number one resources available for laws. Nirnay lawgistics is a platform providing basics of law like criminal law, civil law, Intellectual property right, comparative law etc. With latest news updates , blogs , articles , research paper, case summary, notes, and many more which will help law student to inculcate and enhance their knowledge of law in very exciting way .

Our services are Publication, Blogs, Articles, Study Corner, Suggested lawyers, Journals, Careers. The platform of Nirnay lawgistics also provide you opportunities like Internships online courses, workshops and many more .


The ‘Publications’ section of Nirnay provides a platform for the authors to get their hard work recognized by publicizing it. It is a great place to enhance your drafting skills and showcase your knowledge.


The ‘Blogs & Articles’ section of Nirnay provides a platform to share your experiences, opinions and knowledge regarding any social, legal or current issue.

The ‘Study Corner’ of Nirnay keeps in mind the needs of the law students and provides them notes on various law subjects with relevant case-briefs in a very easy language.

The ‘Our Suggested Lawyers’ section of Nirnay enlists eminent advocates and lawyers from all over the country, who are suggested according to the need of the clients.